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power up 
your business.

Give your business a boost

with a strong strategy bubbling under, 

guiding the way forward

- get ready for action

and the next step towards growth.


Noste is a creative agency with objective to drive business growth and positive impact.

A strong international mindset and sustainable values are key drivers for our work.
We want to give a positive nudge for companies to either simply grow their business or take a step towards a more sustainable future.



International Growth

Already a success on your home market and ready to
take the next step?
Communicate your brand and unique selling points effectively to international audience and get support planning your international growth.

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Concept design

Do you have a great idea - or a lot of them! - how your company could find new clients or serve current customers better?

Workshops, sprints or long-term collaboration to crystallise initial ideas into innovative concepts that  boost your business.


Boost for positive impact

Strategic communication and brand building on your company's sustainable actions;

- How to communicate in a responsible yet attractive way and turn sustainability into competitive advantage?




Founder Irene Mäkelä-Brunnekreef

With 20 years of professional experience, Irene has worked with a clients across various sectors, from corporates to SME's and early-stage innovators, in various roles taking lead in launching new concepts and driving change - through either new business development or by developing strategic partnerships, leading re-branding or concept development.

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